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The 13 Star flag 1777

Betsy Ross Flag

The First Official United States Flag : This 13-Star Flag became the Official United States Flag on June14th, 1777 and is the result of the congressional action that took place on that date. Much evidence exists pointing to Congressman Francis Hopkinson as the person responsible for its design.The only President to serve under this flag was George Washington (1789-1797). This Flag was the official flag for a period of 18 years.

Each star and stripe represented a Colony of which there were thirteen, united nearly one year earlier by the Declaration of Independence. The thirteen Colonies are listed below with the date that each ratified the Constitution and became a State.

  •  (1st) Delaware - December 7, 1787
  •  (2nd) Pennsylvania - December 12,1787
  •  (3rd) New Jersey - December 18, 1787
  •  (4th) Georgia - January 2, 1788
  •  (5th) Connecticut - January 9, 1788
  •  (6th) Massachusetts - February 6, 1788
  •  (7th) Maryland - April 28, 1788
  •  (8th) South Carolina - May 23, 1788
  •  (9th) New Hampshire - June 21, 1788
  • (10th) Virginia - June 25, 1788
  • (11th) New York - July 25, 1788
  • (12th) North Carolina - November 21, 1789
  • (13th) Rhode Island - May 29, 1790
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